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ETPS machine

Dolphin Neurostim Machine - $450 + S/H
Purchase your own Dolphin Neurostim unit, available to licensed practitioners only. The regular price is $450, but if you are taking an MPT class, a $100 discount is offered. Shipping & handling costs are detailed below, with order form.

ETPS machine

Neurostim Holster - $20 + S/H
Purchase the belt holster that Dr. Finkelstein uses.  It makes transitioning between using the Neurostim unit and finding the next point with your hands much smoother. Included is an adjustable belt. This product can be used to hold many other items as well, while keeping your hands free.

Bookrest endorsed by Dr. Malvin Finkelstein - $20 + S/H
This is a great product for those who have sought an answer to discomfort when reading for extended periods. This product helps to keep your reading materials (books, magazines, etc.) at an angle that allows for better neck and head positions which can minimize muscle strain. Photo coming soon.

DVD: 3 Centers Qigong, by Dr. Malvin Finkelstein - $25 + S/H
"Over the last 25 years, I have spent numerous hours studying qigong and martial arts with a variety of teachers and many more hours practicing these techniques. During a practice session of qigong, my body started directing me to move in new and creative ways. As I listened and attuned to the inner messages that my body was giving me, a whole series of movements started arising. In the intervening 8 years, these movements have refined themselves and continued to develop into the form that is now called 3 Centers Qigong." Please click here for a PDF article with more information.

Book: The Energetic Function of Points, by Dr. Malvin Finkelstein - $17 + S/H

Healthwise Facial Wash - $20 + S/H

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