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Microcurrent Positional Technique

Microcurrent Positional Technique (MPT) combines treatment with microcurrent electricity and a modification of the Oriental massage called tuina with acupuncture points and theory from osteopathy and acupuncture. There are no needles, only microcurrent electricity and hands-on treatment, yet MPT achieves dramatic improvements in pain relief, tension, and range of motion almost immediately. When added to your current treatments, MPT is effective for acute and chronic pain throughout the body and gives faster, longer-lasting results. Patients who are unable to experience relief from other treatment options have finally found relief from MPT. It can even be used as needle-free alternative to acupuncture for children and patients who are seriously needle-averse.

View a video demonstration of MPT by clicking here...

From a more technical viewpoint, MPT is a new method and system drawn from my clinical experience and study over the past 33 years. It synthesizes techniques and theory drawn from acupuncture and Oriental medicine; Jin Shin Do, shiatsu, tuina; qigong; the bodywork of Lauren Berry, PT; osteopathy; and microcurrent electrical treatment. Assessment, treatment and patient education are all integral pieces of this system. Assessment combines postural and structural analysis with Oriental medicine theory to help direct the treatment. Treatment combines Dolphin Neurostim microcurrent, positional tuina and acupuncture so the muscles can gently stretch, allowing the microcurrent to soften the tension. The final component is patient education. This not only involves correcting a patient’s posture and advising on beneficial ergonomic adjustments, but also determining postural qigong stretches that can be used to enhance the treatment and for ongoing improvement at the patient’s home.

What Happens in a Treatment? MPT has several techniques that are done concurrently. Points, soft tissue adhesions and tight and tender muscle knots are released by using Dolphin Neurostim microcurrent. Using Positional Tuina, the practitioner manually stretches muscles and joints.  The treatment muscles can also be actively stretched or contracted by positioning the patient, or these muscles can be engaged with a gentle contraction by the patient. All of these stretches or contractions are done while using the Dolphin Neurostim to release deeper layers in the treatment muscles.

Patients, in describing MPT, use phrases like “that muscle just melted” and “I can’t believe how fast that tight muscle loosened up.”